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Additional Reports Available:

Additional Reports


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Advanced Transfer Reports

EzScore (not available on month to month contracts)

*All prices exclude VAT and are subject to change without prior notice.

EVM© Report (R15.00 per report)
Automated Valuation Report (R 150.00 per report)
Name or Property Successful (R 21.50 per search)
Name or Property Unsuccessful (R 21.50 per search)
Document (R 102.00 per report)
Trust Successful (R 21.50 per report)
Trust Unsuccessful (R 21.50 per report)
31-200 rows(R 40.00 per report)
201-500 rows(R 85.00 per report)
EzScore Report (R 4.00 per report)
CIPC Report (R 15.00 per report)
Surveyor General Diagrams (R 0.00 per page)
Complexes In a Suburb Report (R 175.00 per report)
Property Risk Report (R 220.00 per report)
DOTS Report (R 22.00 per report)
Street / ERF Conversion Report (R 12.00 per report)
Distressed Property Report (R 150.00 per report)
Linked Report (R90.00 per report)
My Area Report (R 60.00 per report)

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